Welcome to Young-Fives!
This Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to be a transition between Preschool and Kindergarten. The curriculum involves a multi-sensory approach to the alphabet and number concepts. It includes the following goals: developing language skills, teaching sound-symbol associations through Zoo Phonics, and developing thinking skills in an orderly sequence. Learning areas include: science exploration, cooking, art, music, drama, large motor activities, geography, money and community awareness. Our aim is to help each child develop positive skills that will carry him/her into kindergarten and beyond!
Meet Our Fantastic Young-Fives Teachers!
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The one and only Young Fives!! 
 Our Moms really do rock! We are so excited to sing our fantastic Mother's Day songs for them and have them open up their precious presents at the Mother's Day tea party. We know that they will truly love and treasure them forever!

As our year comes to a close we revel in all the many things we have learned this year. Addition and subtraction, vowel sounds, beginning sounds, ending sounds, beginning reading, graphs, science, geography, and so much more! It really is incredible! 
We wish everyone a happy and safe summer, and cannot wait to see how you shine in kindergarten next year!

Wish List
Jelly Beans
Pipe Cleaners
'iStartSmart' Computer System!
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Miss Meredith attended Vassar College, where she earned her degree in both Psychology and Education.
Miss Kate earned a B.S. in Corporate Fitness and Wellness Education from Grand Valley State University with a certification in K-5 Elementary Education and K-12 Physical Education.  Kate is new to our Learning Tree staff this year.